My Indy Journey – Day 14 stats

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My Indy Writing Journey

Yes, I’m a slacker. I didn’t post my progress this weekend at all. I took Friday off. One does need a date night from time to time. Which, actually, turned into deck furniture shopping with my wife. After scoring a great deal at Meijer’s (it’s a great big grocery\clothing\tools\deck furniture store in Michigan), I assembled my new furniture and enjoyed it for the rest of the evening. On Saturday, I grabbed our adjustable table out of the trailer and set myself up to write out on the deck.

So here’s the stats to date:

Now I Knew You: 1500 words written today. 21,800 to date (note: my target was 20k by July 15th).

Camp Dogs: Edited 6 more chapters. Up to 53 of 93 scenes. Still deciding on cover fonts.

Scorpion Summer: A few more scenes added to the note cards. Getting a good profile on my girl character, who I’ve named Marilyn. My protagonist’s name is Jack. I’m thinking of writing from both POVs in the first person.

#Warz: That’s the title of the serial novel I’m working on with Gina. We’re honing in on a plot and characters. More on that to come.

All in all, I’m making good progress and confident that I can finish a book every two months. Of course, only time will tell.

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