My Indy Journey – Day 27

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Ugh. Not a good weekend. I must have pulled some back muscles early this week while unpacking from our camping trip. Like most back pain, I didn’t know I’d hurt myself for a few days. But after a workout on Tuesday and roto-tilling the garden on Wednesday, things got progressively worse. I’m still in a lot of pain but determined to get my writing done. At least I can sit without a lot of pain. Hopefully, I’ll be better tomorrow.

So here are the weekend stats:

Now I Knew You: 6,000 words written. 36,600 total. I’m past my mid-point, so my actual goal should be adjusted to 72,000. Still a good word count for a YA.

Camp Dogs: Fast edited through scene 81 of 93.

#AngelWarz is kicked-off and the page made. Gina and I will begin our 4 year journey next month with one episode per week for 36 weeks. We’ll break for summer, then continue with the second year, and so on. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you can get the episodes for free. Once the season’s over and we bundle them, we’ll charge for them.

Okay, pray for my aching back so we can get this week started with a bang! So much to do, so little time. #AngelWarz begins in one month!

Until next time, write big or stay home.

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