My Indy Journey – Day 28

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Well the back is feeling better today, though I may have to lay down to do my editing. Or maybe I'll just skip it and read.

Here's the stats:

Now I Knew You: 1,440 words written. 38,100 words total. Two days ahead of schedule!

Scorpion Summer: I just read Randy Ingermanson's new book about the Snowflake Method. I've read about it before but never really put it to use. I write in a similar fashion, so I gave it another look with the new book (which I highly recommend…only $2.99). I was thus inspired to layout a Microsoft OneNote file with his 8 steps. One step for each tab and a page for the different characters and scenes. So I'm working through that now to finish up plotting Scorpion Summer. Shouldn't take me more than a month since I've already got quite a bit done. This will just organize it and force me to go back and fill in some holes. I did add one tab for the Moral Premise. I'm a firm believer in that. That book is over there on the right. Another must-have for the serious author. Randy talks about it in his book but doesn't have a step for it (what's up with that Randy?).

If you're interested in my OneNote template, shoot me your e-mail address and I'll send the link.

Okay, my back is complaining. Time to wrap this up and lay down.

Until tomorrow. Write big or stay home.

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