My Indy Journey – Day 31

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Okay, here we are. One month through my Indy Journey. And things are going as planned. My goal is to complete a first draft every two months. By overlapping the edit of the previous draft and the plotting of the next draft, I should be able to publish a book every two months. Of course, the editing process takes longer because I’ll send it out to an editor and beta readers, but that doesn’t require my help until I get the feedback. Then we’ll see if I can still keep the pace.

I’d like to start promoting interesting Indie Authors on my daily posts. Today I found S.M. Boyce on Twitter. Actually, she found me to compliment me on a comment I made on Hugh Howey’s blog (yes, we do that, it’s the closest we come to a social life). Anyway, S.M. writes some cool looking fantasy. Here’s her website. Get the first book in the series free. Her fiendish plot is to make you love her and pay for the rest of the series. You gotta watch those indies. They sneak in clever marketing like that.

So today’s stats (I’ll go in order of release from now on…it’s been bothering me):

Camp Dogs: Fast Edit complete! Now onto Super G’s crits. One month for that, then off to my editor. Planned release is November.

Now I Knew You: 1,440 words written. 42,900 words total. Planned release is January.

Scorpion Summer: More minor character outlining. Planned release is March.

#AngelWarz: Gina and I are nailing down our characters and plot. The first of this weekly series will begin August 21st. I believe I’ve got the opening episode with my character, Kael. Which proves that Gina is smarter than I am. Sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss an episode. Check out the #AngelWarz page here.

That’s all for today, kids. Write big or stay home!

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    • Actually, it’s a book every two months. Did I say two books per month? Maybe I need to get more sleep.