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What is #AngelWarz?

You’ve heard me hinting about an upcoming series that I’m writing with my genius partner, Gina Conroy. It’s funny how these things come into being. We started talking about writing a novel together a year ago. Then kind of let it go as we got busy on other projects. But recently, I became intrigued with the idea of writing a episodic series. Essentially, a weekly installment of a story, much like a TV series. I used shows like Breaking Bad as a model. Here’s a series with a definite beginning and end. The writers probably plotted out the entire series ahead of time, which is what we’re doing here with #AngelWarz. Though we won’t get detailed in our planning. The idea is to write as close to “real time” as possible and include current events whenever practical.

We’re also doing something a bit differently with social media. Both of our main characters, Kael and Falyn, are eleven year old kids with their own Instagram accounts. You can find them under blackkael and falynarrow. Right now, they’re in their normal world before the first act. Although they’re having unusual dreams and sharing them through pictures and comments. They’ll also use the #angelwarz hashtag whenever they post.

Once the series starts, they’re back into character, though they may have to remind their followers from time to time that they are fictional. We don’t post actual photos of the characters, except for vague shots of their backs, but they still get their followers. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to follow the child of a fallen angel?

#AngelWarz is a middle-grade urban fantasy and appropriate for kids 10 and up.

And now for a teaser…

#AngelWarz Season 1

Kael Black woke up for his first day of middle school with the image of the dark-eyed girl still faint in his mind. He’d dreamed about girls before. At first, he thought he was going insane. But then his online friends, most of them gamers like him, admitted similar dreams.

But this was different.

He couldn’t tell if the girl was pretty or happy or anything like that. He only knew that she…what? That she was someone important to him. No, it was more than that. He squeezed his eyes shut, filtering out the sound of the shower down the hall where his sister, The Hutt, was in for her hour-long ritual.

The girl floated somewhere behind his eyes. Just a shadow now. Who are you? he wanted to scream into his room.

The shadow-girl turned to him, as if hearing his question. Her misty shadow-lips parted.

And she answered.

Kael’s eyes snapped open. Maybe I am going insane.

Welcome to #AngelWarz.

Players beware. This is not a game.

Want more? Sign up for my newsletter up there on the right. That’s how we’ll deliver the episodes. We’ll bundle them at the end of each season for sale or as promotional downloads. But hop onboard now. Remember, it’s interactive through Instagram. We’ll need volunteers to help us.

More on #AngelWarz as we get closer to Episode 1 on August 21st.


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