#AngelWarz Begins in Two Weeks

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The final, epic battle for humanity won’t be fought by humans.

#AngelWarz is the story of two kids who soon discover that they’re not ordinary. They’re descendants of angels. Fallen angels. The Nephilim. These were the Fallen who took human wives and created offspring that would become the enemy of Israel and, eventually, all of mankind.

And two of them start their first day of middle school in two weeks. In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

As Kael Black and Falyn Sammael learn who and what they are, they are drawn into a millennia old battle between the factions of the Fallen. The only question that remains is–which side will they choose? Because, among the Fallen, blood and loyalty hold as much value as last year’s promise.

I hope you’ll join Falyn and Kael on a journey that will test their courage, strength, and their faith. They’ll enter a world that has always existed alongside their own, one of ancient feuds, rebellion, and a fast-approaching climax that will alter the destiny of every human on Earth.

And it all starts with a corn dog.

This is #AngelWarz. Players beware…this is not a game.

Sign up for the weekly episodes below. The adventure begins August 21st.


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