My Indie Journey – Month 2, Day 18

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I have a confession. There is no way I’ll get through the self-editing of Camp Dogs in the next two weeks. This leads to me to believe that I have to change my tactics to stay on schedule. Tonight, I went back and read the last scene I wrote for Now I Knew You before drafting the next, editing as I went. Not only does that take care of some simple fixes, like my habit of writing in a passive voice and lack of description, but it gets me back into the story before continuing. I edited my last scene in about thirty minutes. So I just need to add that to my daily regiment. I’ve noticed, too, that as I continue this crazy pace of 1000 to 1500 words a day, my first draft is getting cleaner. Apparently, practice does make better (never perfect).

After a weekend involving horrific brake jobs and a fever that still has me a bit weak, here are today’s stats:

Camp Dogs: Final edit through scene 8. Gotta find a better way! I’ll try my latest scheme to go back and edit the previous scene before writing the next. I’ll need beta-readers for Camp Dogs in a few weeks.

Now I Knew You: 1320 words written. 59,570 total.

Scorpion Summer: Character one-sheets complete! Now onto the long synopsis. Should take about a week.

#AngelWarz: Gina and I are writing a few scenes ahead. She just finished scene 5. Loving this story!

That’s all for tonight! Write big or stay home!

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