My Indie Journey – Month 2, Day 20

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It’s been a rough week. An upper respiratory has kept me miserable and without motivation. But I’m staying on task. Now that my first 60 day segment is almost to an end, I’m encouraged. The rough draft is fairly easy to crank out in two months. The plotting for the next book as well, although I will use the Snowflake method from start to finish on the next one (which I’ve yet to decide on). As for editing the last book, that has moved way too slow and I’m behind on that. So I’ll make more of an effort to edit the last scene before writing the next, giving me a cleaner first draft to start with. So far, that’s working well.

So here’s today’s stats:

Camp Dogs: Final edited up to scene 11.

Now I Knew You: 1200 words written. 62,200 complete. Target is about 72,000.

Scorpion Summer: Working on the long synopsis. Loving the Snowflake! I’ve never had so much character and plot detail ready before starting a draft. And it was fun reviewing the Billboard top 100 songs of 1968.

#AngelWarz: Launches tomorrow! Gina and I have been making some final changes to her first scene. It goes out tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive your weekly episodes.

Okay. That’s all for tonight. Write big or stay home!

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