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I don’t always write posts about another blogger’s post, but when I do, it’s probably about Kristen Lamb. Today, she hit a 9 run homer. She nailed it so far out of the park that the opposing team’s infield felt the need to round the bases as well. You can read it here.

But I’ll add my 52 cents.

Just about every writer I’ve ever met is following someone else’s game plan. They work on a book for years until it’s perfect. They submit to agents. They wait. They sign an agent. The agent submits to publishers. The writer waits. The publisher publishes the book…after a very, very long wait. The writer makes a couple of bucks for the thousands of hours they put into their book.

Now, I’m not here to slam the industry. They’re bogged down by the environment they must work within. They get bombarded by millions of writers following The Plan. I myself would still like to land a book in a traditional publishing house. But…

But I will not sell out my business. What I mean is that I am taking as big a risk as the publisher with my work. I could be signing away my rights on a work that would make me a lot more money if I’d self-published. The publisher could be paying me an advance and putting work into a book that never finds an audience. This is pounded into our skulls. But don’t forget that you have already put in a massive amount of time, sweat, and probably a few tears. It is a shared risk. Underline that, please.

So getting back to Kristen’s post. She has filled this single post with enough wisdom to pen an entire series of self-help manuals. But my favorite is right there in the photo:

The world doesn’t reward perfectionists; it rewards finishers.

Which connects perfectly with The Plan that has stifled so many great creative minds. The Plan has created an entire generation of perfectionists. And very few finishers. The problem is not with the publishing industry or agents. The problem is with us.

I need to end this little rant. I’ve already deleted three paragraphs that were heading straight down long, winding rabbit trails. Go read Kristen’s blog.

And if you need a mean friend to tell you what you need to hear, you know where to find me.

Now sit down and finish something. Be a writer.


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