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The Estrada’s set out this weekend on the Great Trailer Hunt. Actually, we already had a good idea which trailer we wanted. This will be trailer #3, so by that time you pretty much know what you love and what you hate about your last two trailers.

Kelly and I both insisted on counter space. Our current trailer is huge. 33′ with four bunks and a queen-sized bed. Lots of room, but aboslutely nil for counter space. It’s always driven us nuts.

I wanted a place to write. Most trailers come with booths that are not exactly erg-friendly for a writer. So I wanted a free-standing table and chairs (the trailer we settle on actually has an extension, too!).

Storage. This is always an issue with RVs. There’s never enough. However, when you’re trying to downsize, you expect to lose some. So we had to compromise a bit.

I want a ladder on the back! Trailer roofs require maintenance. It’s a pain to have to drag out a ladder every time you want to get on the room. And if you’re camping and need to get up there, forget it.

So we shopped around five RV dealerships in SE Michigan and went to an RV show yesterday. As it turns out, our perfect trailer was one of the first we looked at in Midland, at Freeway RV. Nice mid-sized dealer with plenty of inventory to peruse.

And this is the trailer we found!

This is a Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKWS. 29′ long and 5675lbs. dry weight.

Lots of counter space and a free-standing table.

A comfy place to sit indoors. We spend most of our time outside, under the awning (yay I get a power awning!), but when it’s cold, you want a place to escape. We rarely watch TV when we camp, but a bluetooth option might make that a nice second computer monitor…hmmm.

A slide out wardrobe in the bedroom. This is a huge bonus. Anyone who’s ever owned a trailer knows that closet space is always compromised. It’s only about 18″ deep, but that’s a lot of extra space.

And I finally get a ladder! The men will understand. Maybe I’ll take better care of the roof this time.


So any other RVers out there? Have you found your dream RV yet?







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