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Bethany MacManus with Traci Hilton on photobomb
Bethany MacManus with Traci Hilton on photobomb

Usually when I go to a writer’s conference, I’m inspired to create, to improve my craft, and just be a better writer. This year’s ACFW conference in St. Louis is no exception. Yesterday began with an early bird session with none other than Chris Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey. I came out of there with a great refresher on some essential plot points ready to take my current wip up a notch.

But then I met up with some of my writerbuds from the Christian Indie Author group on facebook. And i was hit with a whole new level of inspiration. Not just one to improve my craft, but to improve my business. I mean, of course, my writing business.

I sat in a room with nine other indie authors and just got blown away by what these folks are accomplishing. Writers like Randy Ingermanson, Traci Hilton (an absolute hoot!), and Hallee Bridgeman, who just totally blew me away. Talk about a one-woman publishing powerhouse. Okay, her husband helps, but still. They were tossing out some pretty staggering numbers. And mind you, they brand themselves as Christian authors.

But Christian fiction doesn’t sell, right? According to the publishing houses here, bookstore sales are slipping. Times are tough. Everyone is tightening the belt. Yeah, it was cheery listening to those folks.

But in the indie group, it was pretty much happy days are here again.

The things they were talking about, mind you, are marketing techniques that any author can employ, indie or traditional. The difference is that the indie author has complete, one-hundred percent control of her future. And who doesn’t want that?

I’d still like to publish with a traditional house, but the handwriting on the wall is clear: the biggest percentage of my future income will come out of my indie published books.

I see nothing but great times ahead!

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  1. Love it and you know I would’ve loved to be there. Maybe for 2015 or 2016…I agree, these authors are powerhouses and I’ve learned so much from them. Excited about our writing futures. PS keep taking/sharing pictures!!!