Our Shakedown Cruise

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The New Home on Wheels
The New Home on Wheels

Pictured above is Estrada Trailer #3. Four if you count the 24′ Starcraft we borrowed from my father-in-law. That was the trailer that convinced us to a) Get our own trailer and b) We’d end up divorced if the trailer we bought was 24′ long.

We call this one the MT Nester. Now that the chillin’s are 18 and 20 years old, we figure that their days of camping with us are nearly over. Though the 18 year old did complain that there was nowhere for him to sleep. I pointed to a tent in the corner of the garage and said, “It came with a room addition.”

Naturally, because this weekend is the “shakedown cruise,” we were hit with Michigan’s finest fall weather. Cold. Rainy. Windy. But it did allow us to prove that 26′ of living space with a slide is enough room to keep us from getting on each other’s nerves. The flatscreen TV helped.

I also managed to write two chapters for Scorpion Summer, complete next weeks scene for #AngelWarz, and write my Women2Women Michigan article for the Nov-Dec issue. Speaking of, we stopped into the little bar ‘n grill next to the campground for the horrible service and undercooked bacon on the frozen pizza crust. There, in one of those racks full of tourist info, sat a stack of Women2Women Michigan. Tough joint.

Okay, my wife is signaling that it’s time to get packed up. Next trip in two weeks to Up North! I predict it will be cold.

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