My first YA title launching next month

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My first YA novel, releasing in February!
My first YA novel, releasing in February!

…and other news.

I haven’t blogged in a while. I apologize to my loyal readers. Both of you. But there’s a reason. I became aquantied with an acronym last year: WIBBOW (we-bow). It stands for Would I Be Better Off Writing. Writing, which here means actual novels.

As I looked upong the blogging landscape, I saw a war zone. Or, perhaps, a better description is the the 90% off rack at the tail end of Black Friday. It has been picked over, picked clean, and left in ruins. Blogging for most writers, I believe, is no longer a valuable use of time.

So why write this? Because keeping my soon-to-be readers up to date on my next release is a valuable use of time.

Now I Knew You, my first book in my Cherry Hill YA series, is on schedule to be released in February. Yes, I’m a nervous wreck. It is currently in the hands of my editor, the lovely and talented Jill Domschot, for round two under her keen eye. Changes from this point on will be minimal.

For those of you think self-publishing is less nerve wracking than traditional publishing, you are wrong. Indies don’t get the filter of an agent and editor in a publishing house. However, we also don’t have to get past a giant slush pile, generally sorted by the assistant to the assistant editors whose eyes are bleeding from acute over-reading.

It’s a trade off. I, my friends, will be taking advantage of both options. My middle-grade novel, Scorpion Summer, will be submitted to agents in the hopes of landing a traditional contract.

I’ve been extremely busy, and it quite a bit of pain. I injured my back–again!–last October. Usually these things go away after a week or two. This time I suffered through December. Which means I wrote 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in November while unable to sit for more than ten minutes at a stretch. Much of Angel ‘n Me, in fact, was written from a prone position and a careful array of pillows and heating pads.

In other news, I am now the Vice-President of the Great Lakes chapter of ACFW. I think that means I’m in charge of snacks. I told the ladies I have no time. They laughed and laughed and told me long stories of child-birth and menopause until I cracked under the pressure. So it’s snickerdoodles and white Russians at the first meeting in February.

I am well into planning my next middle-grade series, Time Flies, which is a story about really awesome stuff. I have some plotting to do. Maybe come up with a character or three. Okay, we’ll call it a historical urban fantasy. I think I can own that genre. I’ll be lonely, but I’ll own it.

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to blog.

See ya on the flip side.


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