Time Traveling Cats

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time traveling cats

It’s funny how a joke can turn into a story idea. I’m working on a series involving time travel. I’m calling it Time Flies. In my notes I use creatures that travel along the time stream looking for disruptions, and then reporting back to my Time Flies, who will go back in time and attempt to repair the damage.

Note I said “creatures.” I still hadn’t decided what they would look like.

Then one night at dinner, my dog was doing one of those dog things where he just stares at a corner of the back door. He’s a cat chaser, just ask my cats. So I suggested that there was a portal there that the cats go in and out of, maybe to another dimension…or time.

Insert idea lightbulb here.

Thus my time-traveling cats were born. It would explain a lot, like how they just seem to appear out of nowhere and throw up things we’re sure we never fed them.

Look for the time-flitting kitties soon in Time Flies. See you there…or some other time.


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