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Last year I was posting daily updates on my indie journey. It was fun, showing the readers of my blog how I managed to squeeze out my daily word count, take care of editing, marketing, and such. Then a funny thing happened along the way.

I was burning out.

Not on the writing. I still blasted through my daily goals, completing four novel drafts last year. But the daily posts, despite their only taking up ten minutes of my day, were draining me. I needed that ten minutes. Indies work hard. It’s the hardest work I’ve ever undertaken. My friends, that ten minutes was golden.

So I stopped the daily reports.

As you can see, though, I’m achieving my primary goals. I published my first novel this past weekend, Now I Knew Youwith the second of this series drafted and in editing. The third book is on my monitor and well underway.

This is the essence of what a successful “authorpreneur” does. We don’t write a book, post it to Amazon, and wait to see what happens. We write a book and start the next, then the next. We tend to be three or four books ahead of the most recent published title. We don’t wait and see if we’re going to be successful. We know we’ll be successful because we’re in charge of the process. If we look at our stats and see a book is not doing well, we figure out why and fix the problem. We keep learning. Keep getting better. And we keep growing our business.

I do hope a few of you will give Now I Knew You a try. I value your feedback, good or bad, because that’s the only way I can learn and grow as a writer.

God bless and never give up your dreams.

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