Top 10 Rules for Living in Michigan

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I love my Michigan, I truly do. But before you decide to join me in the Mitten State, there are some rules you should you know.

10. Our borders actually include all of the Great Lakes, even Lake Ontario.

9. Anything south of I-69 and east of Lansing is “Detroit.”

8.  We all have a connection to Al Kaline and Kirk Gibson.

7. Gang colors are blue or green. Be aware of the territory in which you find yourself.

6. We invented the car. Ignore those Germans.

5. In hockey, “off sides” either means that the other team is cheating or the referee is blind.

4. Thou shall not speak of the Lions Superbowl chances.

3. We know how to drive in the winter. No one else does (see #6).

2. The word “deer” is always preceded by a colorful pronoun (ie. “That %@#! deer ran right out in front of me!).

And the #1 rule you need to know before moving to Michigan:

1. You’ll be alone because we’re all moving to Florida.

Do you love Michigan as much as I do? My new novel, Now I Knew You, is set in our beautiful state, in a town that shares a striking resemblance to Elk Rapids.

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