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A certain Mr. Green and company started a realistic YA hashtag last week, so I thought I’d add my best 10 #RealisticYA book ideas to this week’s list. Any similarity to my own childhood is purely coincidental.

10. Teen girl must choose a faction in future Chicago. Chooses the one with the biggest book store.

9.  Teen girl crushes on boy at their private school in Paris. They kiss. Really, that’s it.

8.  Teens spend summers on their rich grandfather’s island. Question his values. He buys them stuff. They decide it’s okay.

7.  Teen boy wakes up in a giant maze. Realizes there’s no school and goes back to sleep.

6.  A couple of misfit teens fall in love in the 80s. Watch MTV for six hours a day and join the Martha Quinn fan club.

5.  Teen girl drives from Florida to New York while her friends search for her. She realizes she forgot her Harry Potter hardbacks and returns home after three hours.

4.  Teen girl’s little sister is selected to participate in a battle to the death. Teen girl volunteers her little brother to take her sister’s place.

3.  Tween boy gets invited to wizard school. Gets Cs and Ds because “all his teachers hate him.”

2.  Teen boy is awoken at 8 am on a Saturday by zombie hordes devouring his parents. Realizes it’s Saturday and goes back to sleep.

And the #1 #RealisticYA book I’d like to write…

1.  Teen girl discovers her crush is a vampire. She stakes him because ain’t nobody got time for that.

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