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As I close out the first four books of the Cherry Hill Series (though let’s not assume I’m done with my favorite town), I’m trying something different. For those of you following the characters, you’ll recall a minor character named Darla from ANGEL ‘N ME. You’ll see her again in LYDIA’S WAY, which I hope to release by December, right after CASSANDRA’S CROSSING (now available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere).

Darla will receive some special talents before leaving Cherry Hill for the big city. Now, for those of you expecting the standard YA shapeshifter story, this will not be the case. Darla is a different girl, even when not in her otherworldly form.

Now for the fun part.

DARLA THE ALPHA CAT will be released as a serial novel. I’ll start launching each episode this fall on Amazon. If you want a sneak preview, you can catch them right now on Wattpad in their pre-edited state. I expect to release one episode per month for 12 months. Of course, that can always be extended. I like to spin off characters, as you can see, so who knows what will come after the first year.

Now for more fun.

Darla is the YA companion series for another series entitled NIGHT MOVES, which will take us deeper into the paranormal activities in the Motor City. NIGHT MOVES will be written in full novel length and I have scheduled four books, also to cover one year.

I’ve been thinking about a project like this for some time, and the planning is something of a challenge, but the two story lines are coming together nicely. And yes, my two characters meet from time to time. Will they be friends or enemies? Time will tell. I can’t reveal all my secrets.

So check out Darla on Wattpad for now and stay tuned for the next two books of the Cherry Hill Series.

See ya down the trail.


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