The End of a Series and beyond

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At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to complete four novels by year’s end. It seemed absurd, having learned to write in a world that expected a single novel to be a year long venture at a minimum. But this is the age of the new author. Or a return to the old pulp fiction author. Take your pick.
Lydia’s Way marks the fourth and (maybe) final book of my first series, the Cherry Hill Series. I had not intended a series when I began, but my love for the town of Cherry Hill and the characters I’d created drove me to continue living in that lovely corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The pinky of the mitten, for those of you who carry with you a map of my home state.
I say “maybe” Lydia is the final character of my series because, like I said, I’m one of the new authors. We have the choice of writing and publishing what and when we please, listening to our readers, and adjusting accordingly.
I am listening to my readers.
Most love the direction I’ve taken the story of Cherry Hill, deeper into the paranormal, but some prefer the “supernatural light” flavor of the first two books. Since I ingeniously (okay, it was completely by accident) re-set Cherry Hill in Lydia’s Way, returning the town to it’s book 2 state of being, I can now continue to write the light supernatural tales that my first readers know me for. I little teenage angst. A lot of humor. And a touch of romance.
And, being of the New Author variety, I can continue to write my darker paranormal fantasies with a Cherry Hill spin-off character, Darla Velasquez, who has the good fortune of becoming a shapeshifter and battling demonic gangs in Detroit (it was a good career move for her). At the same time, so that I may launch myself into adult novels as well, Darla will be joined, in a separate series, by Detroit cop Lance Graves, who will also fight aforementioned demons and worry over this large cat that seems to show up at his crime scenes. For those of you in Michigan, you’ll appreciate my homage to our black panther urban legend.
That’s a lot of writing. That’s three series that I can continue with. But you know what? The New Author is up to the challenge. It’s what we do.
So I do hope you, my friends, will visit Amazon and check out the first three books in the Cherry Hill Series: Now I Knew You, Angel ‘n Me, and Cassandra’s Crossing.
Lydia’s Way will be coming soon. And then you should be primed for either Darla The Alpha Cat or Night Moves. Or both.
Stick around for my wild ride. If this is what God intends for me to do, I’ll throw everything I have into it.
See you in Cherry Hill.
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