Top 10 indications you may be a procrastinator

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Some of us tend to put things off. Like this post, which I had scheduled for 2008. Nevertheless, here it is. So don’t put off reading my…

Top 10 indications you may be a procrastinator…

10. You’ve always relied on the nice police officer to inform you that you need a new driver’s license.

9. You have no one to talk to because you’re still in season 2 of The Walking Dead.

8. The lady in the Hallmark store always directs you directly to the belated Birthday cards.

7. You need to take a vacation day every April 15th.

6. You’ve ever celebrated a 10th anniversary of your engagement.

5. Your dentist mails you a pair of pliers and dentures.

4. You lose sight of your Great Dane in the lawn.

3. The first page of your novel is still sitting in the typewriter.

2. You realize that your dead houseplant has Christmas ornaments.

and the number 1 indidcation you may be a procrastinator…

1. You can’t start your New Year’s diet because it’ll screw up your Thanksgiving.
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