Top 10 Indications that you drive a Hybrid Car

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Recently I have given in to the fuel-economy trend and purchased my first car with a large battery (photo above). Here’s what you need to know about men: when we buy a Porsche, we want to see how fast it will go. When we by a 4 wheel-drive, we want to take it in the dirt. But when we buy a super fuel-economy vehicle, our driving habits change. We want to squeeze every bit of MPG out of that sucker.

So, be forewarned, if you do buy such a vehicle, here are the top 10 indications that you have done so:

10. You know where all the best battery-charging hills are located.
9. You post Instagram photos of your MPG.
8. You remove your foot from the gas pedal two miles from the stop light.
7. You always pay cash for gas so that everyone in line can hear that you spent $10 for a week’s worth of gas.
6. Your wife leaves you because you won’t let her turn on the heat or A/C.
5. Accelerating uphill makes you break out in a cold sweat.
4. Any speed that requires the gas engine to kick in is way too fast.
3. You keep your SiriusXM radio station tuned to the Sinatra channel to keep you calm and driving slowly.
2. The left lane is a distant and vague memory.

and the #1 indication that you drive a hybrid-electric car…

1. You refer to Reverse as “stealth mode.”
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