Top 10 Signs that you were a Navy Brat

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As a former Navy Brat to a lifer, I consider myself a subject matter expert. So, here are my top 10 signs that you were (or are) a Navy Brat:

10.  When someone asks where you went to school, it’s a very long answer.

9. “Home” has no particular meaning.

8. You’ve received 50 cent haircuts.

7. Little league tryouts were not optional.

6. Your dad only called his friends by their last name or “Chief.”

5. You’ve bowled on at least six leagues in three states.

4. You’ve ever hit more than 200 houses in an hour of trick-or-treating.

3. You were shocked when shoes for your own kids cost more than $5.

2. You categorize old songs by where you lived when you first heard them.

and the number 1 sign that you were (or are) a Navy Brat:

1. You’ve ever lost anything to high tide.

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