Book 2 of the Navy Brat Series…and a NaNoWriMo Challenge

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Breathe me HomeNormally authors don’t announce a book before it’s been written. But I’m trying something a little different. Scary different. Because there’s this unwritten rule among writers: never, ever, ever let anyone see your rough draft.

So posting a quickly written rough draft on Wattpad during the high-pressure NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) in November is surely the kiss of death to my career as a novelist. It would not be a smart thing to do. All my friends will tell to can this stupid idea. Keep it safely on your computer, edit it, and send it to your agent, just like the first book of the series!

So here’s how it’s going to work:
I’m busily laying the groundwork for the novel now. I’ve got my character pegged and a pretty good ending drafted (which will, no doubt, completely change by November 30th). I’ve done the research necessary to get me started. I know more about how to build a traditional Hawaiian surfboard than most mainland Americans now (because most mainland Americans really don’t care).

What’s that? A hint as to what this one is about?

Firstly, each book in the Navy Brat middle-grade series is written as a stand alone novel. You don’t have to read book one, Scorpion Summer, before the aforementioned book two.
Secondly, these are Not-So-Distant-Past Historical novels, a sub-genre I just invented, because it had to have a name. Scorpion Summer is set in 1968 Norfolk, Virginia. Book two, Breathe Me Home, is set in 1972 Pearl City, Hawaii. That is not a random selection of Navy duty stations. I used Norfolk in 1968 because that’s where the USS Scorpion was homeported. The Scorpion was the last U.S. Navy sub lost at sea. After that, I followed my father’s Navy career. We were actually stationed in Pearl Harbor in 1972, and I did attend elementary school in Pear City. So every book in the Navy Brat Series, with the exception of Scorpion Summer, will be set in the same places I lived during that year, which means the series will end in 1984, the year my dad retired. That should give me about five books, plus the novellas that I plan on spinning off.

Breathe Me Home has no one incident as its catalyst. No lost sub in this one. It is simply the story of Stacy Harris, one Navy brat among thousands, who handles the life of a military brat by shutting herself out of friendships. I cannot relate to this myself. Most of the brats I knew were fairly outgoing. But I suspect some had a rougher time of it. Stacy is now in Pearl City, Hawaii, about as far from the rest of the world as a kid can get. It is here that she will find out who she is, what home is, and why the pain of leaving a friend is worth suffering. We’ll also get into some cool Hawaiian customs (this is where my biggest fear rests–I do pray that I will get this right as I have a deep respect for the native islanders as well as the paradise I once thought was the only place on Earth).

So, enough with the teaser. If you’d like to follow my NaNoWriMo journey and critique my story as I write it (be kind), you can do it here:

Read Breath Me Home on Wattpad

And be sure to leave lots of comments. This should be fun in a scary sort of way, but what the heck? See you in Hawaii!

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