About Ron

Just about everything I believe has been shaped by the written word. But books don't force a belief; they stir the imagination so that you, the reader, eventually draw your own conclusions. We grow richer in spirit when we read, deeper in our understanding of the universe and our role in it. That's why I read. That's why I write. To offer you a bit of myself. Come along on my journey, won't you? There's plenty of room.

A small thing

Posted On Mar 31 2005 by

I submitted the prologue and chapter 1 of Soul Searcher to the “Noble Theme” contest at ACFW. It’s not a big thing, really, but I need to get some sort of feedback. I also told my wife to go ahead and start reading it. It’s only been on the hard drive for five or six years. I’m a little hesitant. I edited through chapter six last night. You know, it’s really good. Is it okay to say that out loud? I’m a good writer! There, from the mountain tops even. I still seem a little tightly wound in the beginning …

March 30th, 2005

Posted On Mar 30 2005 by

Probably my misspelling of the word “Fiction” is not a good way to re-launch my writing career. We’ll just assume that’s not a bad omen. I’ve been going over and editing Soul Searcher. You know, it’s really not bad. I think I need another plot twist, though. It still seems like the work of a beginner. I guess it is. It’s funny, though. For the last year and a half that I haven’t been writing, I’ve felt so depressed. Maybe that’s too strong a word, but I have felt unfulfilled at the least. Now I feel alive again. I love …

Here I go again

Posted On Mar 28 2005 by

I somehow made the decision today to start writing again. Well, I actually made the decision last week, but finally convinced myself today that I could publish a Fictin Novel. Here I go again…

The Last Hurdle

Posted On Dec 31 2000 by

There comes a point when every writer has gotten very good at his craft, but still not perfect. When I say perfect, of course, I mean you’ve reached the point that a publisher reads past the first paragraph and says “Maybe we’ll give this one a shot.” In the publishing world, that’s about as good as a newbie can hope for. But you’re not quite there yet. You’ve been beating the keyboard for much longer than you care to admit and begin to wonder if maybe you should spend that extra two hours every night serving Big Macs. At least …