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Just about everything I believe has been shaped by the written word. But books don't force a belief; they stir the imagination so that you, the reader, eventually draw your own conclusions. We grow richer in spirit when we read, deeper in our understanding of the universe and our role in it. That's why I read. That's why I write. To offer you a bit of myself. Come along on my journey, won't you? There's plenty of room.

Back to my back

Posted On Apr 15 2006 by

Okay, I hate to complain, but I will when I have a captive audience. I’ve got one of those back injuries (a strained or torn muscle, as far as I or my doctor can tell) that only hurts when I sit. No big deal, you say? Try writing from a prone position. It’s possible, but it gets annoying when you want your notes and reference books within easy reach. My bed looks like it belongs in a college dorm room. It’s not excruciating pain, but just annoying. Besides, I’ve learned never to say that I’m in extreme pain, or all …

Catching up

Posted On Apr 4 2006 by

Man, I’ve really let this place go. Okay, what’s happened since my last post? Let’s see. My dad took the GM buyout and announced that he and my mother are selling the house, buying a bigger trailer, and full-timing it. My daughter was devastated by this news, my wife informed them that they will not be “camping” in our driveway all summer, and I went through the house marking what I wanted before my sister beat me to it. Camy Tang got a 3 book contract with Zondervan. Way to go Camy! She won’t have time to reply to this. …

A fine day

Posted On Mar 18 2006 by

Warning: this is an official rambling. I’m done with the winter semester! Okay, no one is overjoyed but me. True, I still have one semester left, but it’s only one class, and it’s an easy class. What this means, my friends, is that I have time to get back to the writing game. A good thing. Especially since I got one of those rejections from a big Christian publishing house that requested I send something else. I love it when that happens. True, I’d love it more if they sent a contract, but I’ll take a good compliment from an …

Flat on my back and novels #7 & 8

Posted On Mar 14 2006 by

Have you ever tried to write while in a prone position? I’m tellin’ ya, it ain’t easy, that’s why there’s been little to no activity on this blog for over a week. After almost a month and seven or eight trips to my very wealthy chiropractor, I’m still not up to sitting for long periods. Standing is slightly better. Walking is great, but I find it difficult to do for eight hours straight. Keep running into walls, chairs, co-workers and friends. However, I have read two other novels since my last post, A Clue for the Puzzle Lady by Parnell …

Novel #6

Posted On Mar 4 2006 by

If you’re wondering why I’m numbering the novels I’ve read, it’s because I vowed to read 24 this year, going along with the idea that a writer must read. Since I’ve read six in two months, even while taking two MBA classes, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble. Of course, that might explain my grades. The latest is Flat Crazy by Ben Rehder. I discovered him by doing a Google search on “humourous” and “mystery.” Ben’s a good writer, I like his style. I’ve discovered, though, that the mystery genre is rather wide reaching. Flat Crazy, and, I’m assuming, …

Novel #5 and funny stuff

Posted On Feb 25 2006 by

I finally read Hostage by Robert Crais because one of my “How to write a doggone good breakout novel in 30 hours” type books said it rocked. It did. Most dimwits like me would have been happy to come up with a plot about two kids being held hostage by three punks. Does Crais settle? No way. The house where the kids are held is the house of an accountant who fixes the books for a mafia family, so they decide to “own” the hero, kidnapping his wife and daughter. And we all know they’ll still kill wifey and kid, …