Book 2 of the Navy Brat Series…and a NaNoWriMo Challenge

Posted On Oct 29 2016 by

Normally authors don’t announce a book before it’s been written. But I’m trying something a little different. Scary different. Because there’s this unwritten rule among writers: never, ever, ever let anyone see your rough draft. So posting a quickly written rough draft on Wattpad during the high-pressure NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) in November is surely the kiss of death to my career as a novelist. It would not be a smart thing to do. All my friends will tell to can this stupid idea. Keep it safely on your computer, edit it, and send it to your agent, just …

Reader Feels

Posted On Sep 10 2016 by

My wife is my first beta reader. Writers are often advised not to count on the opinions of friends and family for feedback on our work. However, as any married man can attest, a wife will always be more than willing to point out your shortcomings (husbands, on the other hand, tend to say whatever will make our wives the happiest…our opinion is not to be trusted). So the other night when she stayed up late reading her Kindle, I began to wonder what had her so fully engrossed. We’re pretty predictable when it comes to our nighttime rituals. Usually …

Summer’s End

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There aren’t too many days in the year that I feel nostalgic. My birthday does nothing for me, not after almost 50 of them. New Year’s Day is a good day to reflect, I suppose, but, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s a bit over-hyped. Every July 1st I remember my brother Jeffrey, who died at the age of 5 in 1977, on January 9th, another day I stop to reflect. But there’s something about the last evening before Labor Day that causes me to turn on some old songs and sit on my deck and really dwell on where I’ve …

Our Problem with Death

Posted On May 16 2016 by

Death, in my not so humble opinion, gets a bad rap. In many stories, mine included, death is the ultimate horror. The final disaster that my hero must prevent at all costs, whether it be her own or that of a dear friend or family member. Death signifies failure, injustice, ugliness. But why is that? As human type people, we are the only species that does not readily accept death as a natural part of our existence. But it comes to all of us. Some early in life, some later. Some unexpected. Some very much expected. In the end, though, …

Scorpion Summer

Posted On Apr 5 2016 by

Most of you probably don’t know that I’ve been working on a middle grade novel over the past couple of years. Yes, I normally write much faster than that, and this one has been back-burnered a few times while I set about writing the Cherry Hill series, which I self-published. Middle grade is different, though. Personally, I find it more challenging. But the story of the USS Scorpion is a bit personal to me. I was a Navy brat for most of my childhood before joining the Navy myself in 1984. SCORPION SUMMER is the fictional tale of Jack Harvey, …

10 Minute Novelist – Writing 21st Century Fiction 6

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