Hizzoner’s Big Catch

Posted On Jun 6 2013 by
fly fisherman with brown trout

The Old Doe Hunters Association appears in my first mystery series, Flies by Knight Mysteries. The ODHA is my tribute to the late Gordon MacQuarrie, who penned a series of stories about the Old Duck Hunter’s Association, Inc. (the Inc. stands for incorigable). I highly recommend his collection of stories to anyone who loves the outdoors and, more importantly, a good story. The Old Doe Hunters Association spread itself out along the Grayling river amidst the first major hatch of the season. Not a one of ’em could name the mayfly variety fluttering about their unshaven mugs, but they had …

Writes with Attitude

Posted On May 13 2013 by

I just finished the final scene of my novel Murder on the Side. It is now time for the editing portion of our program. Actually, this will be the second time around for this one. I wrote it several years ago and did a complete edit. Recently, with the advice of a well-known author, I made some plot changes. I needed to up the stakes for for my protagonist. I did that. And don’t ya know that changed a huge chunk of the book. But it’s better. I know it’s better because I’m much more excited about it than I …

The Elite Writer-Gardener-Fisherman

Posted On Apr 29 2013 by

I officially planted my first heirloom garden this weekend. Twenty tomato plants were moved out of their cozy home in the basement and into the good outdoors (this is Michigan, the outdoors won’t be great for another month). Also in the ground are peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and onions. While I’ve always enjoyed gardening, there’s something special about moving into heirlooms. It’s like going from a big club into a specialized group. I can say, “Well yes, I garden. But I grow heirlooms.” It’s like the difference between being in the Navy and being a SEAL. Okay, no, I didn’t …

What a Writer Watches

Posted On Apr 25 2013 by

I try, I really do, to pick up on a new TV show from time to time. It takes effort. Once you’ve experience several decades of bad sitcoms and still don’t give a rip who shot J.R., it takes great effort to pick up the remote when I could be doing something useful with my time. Say…following my cat around the house and cleaning up whatever it was she regurgitated on the carpet. The TV Lineup for 2013 However, I have given it the old college try (albeit community college). This year, through the miracle of Netflix streaming, I started …

Novel Rocket Launch Pad Contest

Posted On Mar 19 2013 by

I’m not a huge fan of writing contests, but Novel Rocket is a great website and are committed to encouraging new writers. Check out their Launch Pad Contest here. http://www.novelrocket.com/p/launch-pad-contest.html?m=1

Meet the Old Doe Hunters

Posted On Feb 22 2013 by

Hizzoner the President of the Old Doe Hunter’s Association glared across the table at his troops. Any other day, he might have dismissed the open act of mutiny. Any other day, he could have let the matter go. Chalk it up to cabin fever, mid-winter blues, the Detroit Lions… But not today. “You idiots mean to tell me that you don’t intend on joining me in the annual winter trade shoot up at Grayling?” Three sets of eyes found various corners of the River Bend Diner in which to focus their attention. Except for Cosmo, who found Susie Dawn, the …