Set a Goal

Posted On Dec 28 2013 by

The upcoming week is for setting goals. Don’t set so many goals that you’ll become overwhelmed and give up before January 2nd. Set one or two achievable goals and figure out how to achieve them. Then eliminate the distractions in your life that will hinder your success. Make one of your goals to read 52 books in 2014! Join our 52 Books Challenge. And be sure to “Like” the facebook page.  

The Collapse of an Economy

Posted On Dec 18 2013 by

I’ve come to the conclusion that the great empires throughout history did not fall under the weight of massive debt or at the hands of of foreign enemies. They collapsed under the weight of governmental lies and a population that simply didn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of questioning their leaders. Last week we were informed that Congress agreed to a budget deal. Both Democrats and Republicans “reached across the aisle” and signed a budget that would cut $20billion of spending in ten years. No, not over ten years. In ten years. Apparently, they didn’t just reach across the …

52 Books Warm-up and Give-away

Posted On Dec 16 2013 by

Every Monday in 2014 I’ll give a 52 Books Update. I’ll tell you what I’ve read and you can reply with what you’ve read. And be sure to tell us how you liked your book! I’ll also announce contests and prizes. So be sure to check in every Monday. But let’s start with a little warm-up, shall we? I’ll give away an electronic copy of Paige Shelton’s A Merry Market Murder this Friday. Paige has become one of my favorite mystery writers. And what a fun book to read over the Christmas holiday. Be sure to check out her Country …

Death by Entertainment

Posted On Dec 11 2013 by

I have this vivid memory stuck in my mind. It’s of a flight I took to Las Vegas several years ago to work in a trade show. I looked across the aisle, where a young woman was reading a magazine. The column she read was entitled, in a large fiery font, Hollywood Hot! I remember thinking to myself Who cares? This woman doesn’t know any of these people she seems so interested in. None of them will do anything of lasting importance. They’re only actors, singers, maybe a producer. As much as I enjoy a good movie from time to …

The Draw of Dystopian

Posted On Dec 4 2013 by

Do you remember your first dystopian novel? Was it 1984? Maybe Fahrenheit 451? Maybe even Atlas Shrugged. What in the world drew you to read a second dystopian? Seriously, can you picture the 14 year old telling his mother, “Hey, mom, I just love books about the end of civilization as we know it where we’re ruled by iron-fisted dictators!” Surely mom would seek counseling for the boy and buy him the entire Hardy Boys series. So why? Why are we drawn to these dark, often depressing of life in the future? I think the answer comes in two parts. …

The Brilliant Fool

Posted On Nov 20 2013 by

I’ve watched as my conservative friends grow almost giddy over the predictable failure of the Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare). I’ve partaken of a bit of the giddiness myself. After all, this is the liberal dream. The first huge step toward their utopian society. And it’s crashing under its own bureaucratic weight. Let’s not get too excited. Conservatives fail to grasp the long term strategy of the progressive mind. People of socialistic intent know that most of their short-term plans will fail. They also know that, in a society where the average individual’s hindsight only spans several months, they only …