Book 2 of the Navy Brat Series…and a NaNoWriMo Challenge

Posted On Oct 29 2016 by

Normally authors don’t announce a book before it’s been written. But I’m trying something a little different. Scary different. Because there’s this unwritten rule among writers: never, ever, ever let anyone see your rough draft. So posting a quickly written rough draft on Wattpad during the high-pressure NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) in November is surely the kiss of death to my career as a novelist. It would not be a smart thing to do. All my friends will tell to can this stupid idea. Keep it safely on your computer, edit it, and send it to your agent, just …

Teen Writers Publish Podcast – a new season!

Posted On Sep 17 2016 by

Those of you who listen to the Teen Writers Publish! podcast will be happy to hear that we’re pushing forward with a new season. There was some discussion between Gina and I about whether or not we should continue. It’s not that we’re not getting downloads or that we don’t enjoy it, it’s simply a matter of time. A writer must choose carefully how he spends it, right? So we’ve made a few tweaks. There will be no more live video on Blab or Google Hangouts. We’re getting back to the basics. We’ll record it via Skype and and upload. …

Kaylee the Junior Ranger

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My family loves camping. And when I say camping I mean inside an air-conditioned hotel room on wheels. Last week we stayed in the Traverse City State Park in northern Michigan, very close to Elk Rapids, where my Cherry Hill Series is set. During our last night, we ran out of water, so I grabbed my 6-gallon jug and walked up to the dump station to fill it (yes, we dump and get drinking water at the same place). While filling my jug, I heard a young voice asking, “Whatcha doin’?” I turned to see a girl of about nine …

Why I write for teens

Posted On May 18 2016 by

When I tell people I write YA and middle grade, I usually get one of those polite nods and a “Well…that’s cool.” I’m not sure what they really think (I’ve long since given up trying to understand what others think). But if they’re like me at another point in my life, they probably believe that some writers write for kids because it’s easier. Those of us who’ve actually engaged in writing novels for both adults and children know the opposite is true. It’s hard. Amazingly hard. I know my fellow writers, of any genre, applaud and encourage my efforts. Because …

The Martian – My Review of the Movie and Book

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Cover Reveal for Lydia’s Way

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