My Indy Journey – Day 31

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Okay, here we are. One month through my Indy Journey. And things are going as planned. My goal is to complete a first draft every two months. By overlapping the edit of the previous draft and the plotting of the next draft, I should be able to publish a book every two months. Of course, the editing process takes longer because I’ll send it out to an editor and beta readers, but that doesn’t require my help until I get the feedback. Then we’ll see if I can still keep the pace. I’d like to start promoting interesting Indie Authors …

Clear Cutting the Authors

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I read a book called The Hunt way back when I was a teenager. In it, the author interviews a Northern Michigan hunter who was old enough to remember the earlier part of the 20th century. The man had driven out to his favorite deer hunting woods, only to find it had been deforested. He got out of his car, walked out into the raped landscape, sat on a stump, and just cried. What does this have to do with writing and authors? What I see going on within the publishing industry is similar to the early methods of logging …

My Indy Journey – Day 30

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In case you missed it today, Amazon came right out and suggested publishers split their earnings with their authors. Hugh Howey commented here. The Amazon post can be read here. By all means, read it. I wonder if anyone is listening. My own comments will be up tomorrow. Today’s stats: Now I Knew You: 1,348 words written. 41,425 words total. Camp Dogs: Fast edited through scene 89 of 93. Again, this is my quick read, mostly to make sure the plot flows. Scorpion Summer: Continued working on minor characters. Should be ready to begin writing the first draft on September 1st. #AngelWarz: Mostly getting …

The Well-fed Indie

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Can and indie writer make a living off of 1,000 fans? Do the math, my friends. And order lunch in.

Rage Against the Indy

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A few years ago I read an article about The Small Corporation. I wish I’d saved it. The jist of it is this: We’ve reached the end of the age of giant corporations. The future is for small companies and individual entrepenuers. The reasoning is simple: Before the 19th century, the individual was fairly self-sustaining. We grew and hunted our own food, built our own homes, and there was really little else we needed. We could trade or sell our excesses to buy the things we couldn’t make on our own. Starting with the Industrial Age, the invention of the …

Word Crimes…it had to be said

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Please send this to all your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, CB radio, and maybe even real-life friends who struggle with such complex grammar issues as their, there, and they’re.