Indy Journey – July 4th weekend stats

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I took advantage of the long weekend and got my writing done early in the morning so that I could celebrate at family gatherings and even attend a 4H fair, where I was drafted to judge the tomato plants. It’s Michigan, so no ripe tomatoes yet. Just green cherry ones, which I picked, counted, and weighed. The winning plant was nearly five feet tall and had 78 tomatoes on it! And now…my stats: Now I Knew You (YA) – 5,887 words written. Running total 10,114 words. Though I have an issue with Scrivener. The running total it gives me is about …

Indy Journey – Day 3 Stats

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Today’s stats: Now I Knew You – 1,247 words written. Running total 4,227. Scorpion Summer – Research and one scene outlined. Camp Dogs – Worked on cover design. Yes, it’s a slow day but I’m going to take a break and make it up over the long weekend. My word count goal is 10,000 per week. I started on Tuesday, as you’ll recall, so I’ve got four days to write 5,800 words. That’s 1,450 words per day. But, like I said, I can write in longer bursts over the weekend, despite a family party and 4H fair to go to.

Day 1 Stats

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I started plotting Scorpion Summer at work during my lunch or when inspiration for a scene hit me. I use an index card app called, oddly enough, Index Card on my iPad. That way I don’t have to carry my Macbook to work. I like my electronics. Anything to avoid a pen and paper. Here’s what the app looked like after I filled in my mid-point scene and conclusion scene:   As you can see, I’m a firm believer in starting from the middle. The mid-point is the defining moment for the hero. So it should go up first like the center …

Indy Journey Day 1

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  Okay, this is a total total ripoff of Dean Smith’s blog, but our genres are a bit different. But check it out anyway. It’s the least I can do for copying his idea. Dean’s full time, though, so that’s the big difference. And that genre thing. I call it Going Indy because that’s what I’m doing. There comes a point where you’re no longer an “aspiring” novelist and you just say, “Let’s do this.” And these days, you don’t have to wait for a publisher. I’ve written six novels. None published. That’s not unusual. Most authors learn by trying. We …

My YA Journey – week 2

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Last week I officially began my newest work in progress, also my first YA. It takes most writers at least five novels before they write one that is publish-worthy. This is number 6 for me. Number 5 is in edit mode right now. Can I tell a difference between what I’m writing now and what I wrote ten years ago? Yes, there’s a definite improvement. But more importantly, there’s a change in attitude. When I first began, it was all about getting published–the Holy Grail of the aspiring novelist. Somewhere in the last couple of years, though, I began to …

The Fault in Our Stars – that wasn’t in the book!

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Yes, it’s MOVIE TIME! The Fault in Our Stars opens tomorrow in a theatre near you. And I–because I’m a dad and deviousness is in my nature–have an assignment for you. Now, I know many of you found this site because I used a very popular book name in my title (that’s rockin’ SEO). I hope some of you have entertained thoughts of writing your own novel some day (which is today, consider yourself hired). I especially hope there are some teenage types who’ve daydreamed about writing, or even taken the leap and posted some of your work online, maybe …