My Review of The Moral Premise

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Writing a Novel Video – your one sentence summary

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Ignore This Advice

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and Nadine Aurora I try not to give advice about the actual practice of writing. I guess, to me, it’s a bit like explaining how to be a good Christian. I’ve got a long way to go myself, so who am I to teach? However, I’m going to break that rule for a bit of writing advice: take all writing advance with a Pope-sized grain of salt. By the time you’ve been doing this a few years, you’ll hear advice from every great writer who ever grace a keyboard. Even the ones that tell …

My Indy Journey – Day 28

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  Well the back is feeling better today, though I may have to lay down to do my editing. Or maybe I'll just skip it and read. Here's the stats: Now I Knew You: 1,440 words written. 38,100 words total. Two days ahead of schedule! Scorpion Summer: I just read Randy Ingermanson's new book about the Snowflake Method. I've read about it before but never really put it to use. I write in a similar fashion, so I gave it another look with the new book (which I highly recommend…only $2.99). I was thus inspired to layout a Microsoft OneNote …

My YA Journey – week 2

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Last week I officially began my newest work in progress, also my first YA. It takes most writers at least five novels before they write one that is publish-worthy. This is number 6 for me. Number 5 is in edit mode right now. Can I tell a difference between what I’m writing now and what I wrote ten years ago? Yes, there’s a definite improvement. But more importantly, there’s a change in attitude. When I first began, it was all about getting published–the Holy Grail of the aspiring novelist. Somewhere in the last couple of years, though, I began to …

Describe the Scene – No Snow

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Describe the scene without using the word “snow.”