Why I write for teens

Posted On May 18 2016 by

When I tell people I write YA and middle grade, I usually get one of those polite nods and a “Well…that’s cool.” I’m not sure what they really think (I’ve long since given up trying to understand what others think). But if they’re like me at another point in my life, they probably believe that some writers write for kids because it’s easier. Those of us who’ve actually engaged in writing novels for both adults and children know the opposite is true. It’s hard. Amazingly hard. I know my fellow writers, of any genre, applaud and encourage my efforts. Because …

Cover Reveal for Lydia’s Way

Posted On Sep 25 2015 by

Cassandra’s Crossing is Released and a Blab invitation

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Darla the Alpha Cat

Posted On Aug 9 2015 by

As I close out the first four books of the Cherry Hill Series (though let’s not assume I’m done with my favorite town), I’m trying something different. For those of you following the characters, you’ll recall a minor character named Darla from ANGEL ‘N ME. You’ll see her again in LYDIA’S WAY, which I hope to release by December, right after CASSANDRA’S CROSSING (now available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere). Darla will receive some special talents before leaving Cherry Hill for the big city. Now, for those of you expecting the standard YA shapeshifter story, this will not be …

Top 10 Reasons to Write YA Fiction

Posted On Apr 3 2015 by

In celebration of my first YA novel release, I think it’s time to explain myself. So here are my top 10 reasons to write YA fiction: 10.  You learn about all the new bands that have appeared after Van Halen. 9.  Excuse to post every moment of my life on Instagram. 8.  Your fan mail is written entirely in emoticons. 7.  Your characters might get their own fandom. 6.  No need to bother with Twitter. 5.  You don’t have to use three chapters to explain the theory behind hyperspace travel (know it, though, there’s always that one guy…). 4.  If …

Now I Knew You to Release this weekend

Posted On Mar 20 2015 by

The day has finally arrived. My first book (meaning, my first book of the eight I’ve written that I feel is worthy of publication) will post to Amazon tomorrow. Now I Knew You came to life for the first time about a year ago. I wanted to write a book about the choices we make when we’re young and how they impact us and those we love. More importantly, I wanted to write a book about how we can still find happiness, even after the most disastrous of choices. I think it’s something every reader can relate to. Unless, of …