Darla the Alpha Cat series


Darla Velasquez is sweet, a little shy, friendly.
Most of the time. But if you rub her the wrong way…
that’s when the claws come out.

When she leaves the tiny northern Michigan town of Cherry Hill to spend the summer with her mother in Detroit, Darla sets out to find the only family member she still cares about. As she scours the streets of Detroit, the last place a fifteen year old girl should be hanging out alone, she discovers darker secrets than even she expected.

Fortunately, she has a secret of her own.

Darla the Alpha Cat is a serial novel. It will be free on Wattpad before I put it up on Amazon. A full episode will be completed each month. Please give me your feedback, good and bad, and be sure to vote if you like it.

For those of you who have been following my Cherry Hill Series, you’ll recognize Darla from Angel ‘n Me. It’s time to let her out on her own.

Get Book One Free by clicking here or on the book cover to the right.

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