10 Minute Novelist – Writing 21st Century Fiction 2

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Ten minute writing lesson

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The Martian – My Review of the Movie and Book

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The End of a Series and beyond

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http://ronestradabooks.com/2015/09/26/the-end-of-a-series-and-beyond/Follow At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to complete four novels by year’s end. It seemed absurd, having learned to write in a world that expected a single novel to be a year long venture at a minimum. But this is the age of the new author. Or a return to the old pulp fiction author. Take your pick. Lydia’s Way marks the fourth and (maybe) final book of my first series, the Cherry Hill Series. I had not intended a series when I began, but my love for the town of Cherry Hill and the …

Cover Reveal for Lydia’s Way

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Cassandra’s Crossing is Released and a Blab invitation

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