My Review of The Moral Premise

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Writing the Paranormal Series

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Writing Update and Using Periscope

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So you want to be a writer Periscope broadcast

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I’m enjoying my Periscope broadcasts. Especially now that I’ve figured out how to save the video and share it here on my blog. Today I talked about what it takes to be a writer. Take a look.

Another Writing Project?

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Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons and bluestar_tam   Those of you following me know the deal: I write in two month intervals. From July 1st through August 31st, I will have plotted Scorpion Summer, written the first draft for Now I Knew You, and edited Camp Dogs. On September 1st, everything gets shifted into the next stage of development and a new novel drops into the plot phase. Which means I’m juggling three books at once. Actually, that’s not uncommon. Few authors completely finish one project before starting the next. And most will be deciding their next book and beginning …

Turning Pro

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and barlufus Are you a professional writer? There comes a time when a writer must make The Decision. Am I a hobbyist or a professional author? It’s not a decision to be made lightly, or during the excitement and energy generated from a writer’s conferenece. That’s a high, people, not the Holy Spirit giving you clear direction. And here’s another shocker: going pro has nothing to do with how many books you’ve published or sold. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of published authors who have not gone pro. Sure, they get their …